2019 was a year in which we experienced both amazing highs and challenging lows, break-downs in communication, etc. But we’ve learned from the challenges and continue to work to improve our communication so that moving forward we can avoid uncomfortable situations. Take a listen as we take you back through 2019.

Same format as parts 1 & 2, this episode covers Day 7 and we had fun with this one. Sometimes people say some things that make you think to yourselves…WTF was that! Did that really just happen! Listen for details 🙂

Continuing with the same episode format as Part 1, we take you back through our recap of Days 5 & 6. This episode is shorter compared to the previous one, but packs some good details of our experience. After the recap we touch on some topics and areas that were missed. Enjoy!

During our 1st Lifestyle Cruise experience, we wanted to try something new so we attempted to do remote daily recaps of our experience. We think we did OK, but with neither of us being audio engineers you’ll notice the varying volume levels in this episode. The Bliss Cruise was an amazing experience, one we think everyone in the Lifestyle (or any of its sub-cultures) should experience at least once, definitely a “Bucket List” item…IMO. This is part 1 of our experience, and covers Day 0 through Day 4….enjoy!